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Membership Cards | DC, MD, Virginia

FORMost offers a wide variety of products that add value to traditional direct mail pieces. We have innovative post-press converting solutions that allow us to incorporate: ID cards, membership cards, magnets, scratch offs, repositionable notes, and other unique items.mem cards

We specialize in incorporating membership cards into documents so that both can be processed at the same time. This improves efficiency, saving time and money for our clients by providing more accuracy and flexibility than other methods. It’s why FORMost has been a valuable partner to so many member-based associations and organizations across the country for the past 30 years.


Our card solutions include:


Plastic Cards – all plastic construction, card is imbedded on paper carrier which saves money over cards and carriers made entirely of plastic. Plastic cards are more durable than laminated paper cards and they offer the versatility of working with all types of laser and digital color printers.

USES: Health insurance cards, zoo memberships, credit union memberships, alumni cards, retail loyalty cards, association membership cards, prescription cards.


Laser Clean Cards – thin plastic laser imprintable cards affixed to letters. Card and letter can be simultaneously personalized through a desktop laser printer. Cost effective over 30 mil plastic card.

USES: ID cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, insurance cards, discount cards, calendar cards, business cards, library cards, health club cards, and more!


Self Laminating Cards – these cards enable printing of variable info on the face of the card followed by immediate laminating over that printed info to protect it. This solution eliminates the need to purchase a separate laminator, but still offers the ability to issue laminated cards on the spot.

USES: Temporary ID cards, health club membership cards, library cards, employee ID cards, instant enrollment cards.


Affixed Cards – cards are affixed to carrier with removable adhesive so that the card adheres tightly to the carrier, but removes cleanly. Although plastic is the most common material, cards can be made of any material.

USES: Affixed cards are used when maximum durability (heavy plastic, 24 to 30 mil) is necessary. We can also affix rolodex cards, lotion packets, pharmaceutical inserts and more.


Additional card options include: Secure Cards, Lay Flat Cards, Fold-n-Seal Cards, Nature Cards, and Integrated Cards.

Call FORMost Graphic Communications for more information on integrated card solutions at 301-424-4242.

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