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Promotional Apparel Selection Tips

Promotional Apparel Selection Tips

Check out these promotional apparel tips for the best 2021 wear.

Promotional products vary far and wide, from your average mug or tumbler to a pen to a stress ball shaped like a cow. Of all the possible promotional items a business can offer its customers and employees, promotional apparel remains ever-popular as a way to identify with a company and gain new followers. Below are several tips for promotional apparel selection.

Choose Neutral Colors

People are all people, but people are also diverse. Not everything looks good on everyone. More and more, companies look to create stylish apparel that one can wear for years with pride. Because of this goal, it does everyone a service to choose neutral base colors for shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.

Consider All Body Types

Just as not all colors look good on all people, so every cut does not work on every body type. Ideally, people would have tailor-made clothing fitted just to their proportions. However, one may need to think out of the box today when considering how to choose apparel that will fit each person’s body type. 

Account for the Region

Dressing up means dressing for the weather. Apparel should account for the region in which you’re located. In Maryland, the summers are humid and the winters mild with the potential for freezing, bitter temperatures. Depending on the average season, your business might choose one clothing option over another.

Create a Series

In some cases, the goal of promotional apparel may be to create more sales. In that case, consider creating a series that customers will want to collect. Businesses could create a series of unique T-shirts, or a series of clothing such as a short-sleeve, long-sleeve, and pullover. If your first promotional apparel launch is part of a set, more people might buy.

Promote Athleisure

In these recent times, athleisure is one style that has risen in popularity. Everyone wants to go outside, and one good reason to go outside is to exercise. On the other hand, people want comfortable clothing for everyday, at-home wear. Jumping onto this trend is sure to please.

Promote Other Promotional Apparel

Don’t forget that other promotional wearables exist. Aside from shirts and jackets, one can utilize hats, wearable technology, face masks, and so much more. For more information, contact FORMost Graphic Communications!

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