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5 Ways to Get Your Direct Mail Piece Noticed

We live in an increasingly digital world. So much so, that it’s easy to start thinking of traditional direct mail as passé. But, the truth is, it’s not. As Forbes contributor Steve Olenski says, it is “alive and kicking.” (You can read more of his thoughts and supporting evidence here.)

For the direct marketers who depend on this medium for their bread and butter, here are some tips to make direct mail work harder. Remember, you may have a well written piece, a well-selected list, and a powerful call to action, but if no one opens the piece, those things won’t matter. All of your hard work and money will have gone to waste.

Here are five ways to get your direct mail piece noticed:

1. Dimensional package. Send a dimensional package such as a box or other three dimensional shipping package. This strategy is sure to raise the recipient’s curiosity.

2. Non-traditional sizes. Go beyond the run of the mill #10 envelope so that your direct mail piece doesn’t blend in with the others.

3. Create intrigue. Don’t give it all away up front. Keep the outside of the envelope simple with a line of creative teaser copy.

4. Hand addressed direct mail. Yes, it’s labor intensive and no, it may not be feasible for a list of 100,000 recipients, but for the right mailing it can work and it can get you a phenomenal response rate. Imagine a hand addressed, plain, white envelope with a 1st Class stamp. You’d open it, right?

5. Translucent envelope. Use a clear envelope to give the recipient a sneak peak of what’s inside.

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