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The Benefits of Membership Cards

The Benefits of Membership Cards

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How many different membership programs are you a part of? The average is 14.8 for people in this country, and you likely get close: one for each of the 3-4 or more grocery stores you shop at, one for your gym, the coffee shop, Amazon, the library, the food places at the mall, and the list goes on. Membership programs are a great marketing tool for promoting customer loyalty, increase revenue, and grow your company, which is why they’re so popular. If you’re going to have a membership program for your business, you need great membership cards. Here’s what you need to know.

Great Benefits

Membership programs and their membership cards are a great way to increase brand loyalty in your customers. Membership programs are a form of customer engagement, and an engaged customer is more likely to spend money and become a repeat customer. Generally, it is much easier and less expensive to secure repeat business than to secure a brand new customer. 

Membership programs help you do the former, and in some cases (if you have referral initiatives, for instance), they can help you do both. Amazon Prime is a great example of a membership program that leads to increased revenue (on average, $800 more per year in spending). Even the membership program itself can be a source of revenue, if there’s a fee associated with membership (such as at Sam’s or BJ wholesale clubs). 

Finally, your membership program is a great way to secure customer information as well. Most programs require at least a phone number, snail-mail, or email address (great for direct marketing) to sign up, and many tie into the POS systems to track purchasing information. 

Great Cards

The membership card can be a traditional card or a keychain car, and it will have several important qualities. First, membership cards are usually either lightweight plastic or stiff coated paper – plastic is by far the better option. You want your membership card to stand up to the abuse it will receive, either in wallets or on key chains. Next, it should clearly say the name of your business – after all, your customers likely have over a dozen different membership cards. You want them to be able to find yours when they need it. Also, remember that the card is a piece of marketing collateral; to that end, the design should be professional looking but also aesthetically pleasing. Finally, your membership card will likely have a barcode that can be scanned by your POS system to track purchases. 

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